A brief synopsis of Ian's life:

Illustrations are commissioned works from Olivia Larsen.

It Starts in Wyoming

Nothing to see here, really. Just a weird kid that was into skateboarding, Diablo II (video game), hanging out with the "wrong" crowd, and slowly deteriorating in the infant stages of what would later be diagnosed as schizophrenia. I did terribly in school, myself and several others were routinely bullied, and the staff seemed to turn a blind eye to it. It didn't matter much to me, I was more worried about my delusions (think creepy crawlies and kidnappers) than some scrawny kids who thought they were cool. It didn't seem like it given the circumstances, but I was a pretty lucky (loving mom and sister) and happy (loyal friends and awesome video games) kid.

Then Continues in Calgary, Alberta

Then came high school. Drama classes, Dark Age of Camelot (another video game), and schizophrenia diagnosis were the highlights. Graduated. Retail career begings. This marks the beginning of the weirdness tapering off (though, it never fully went away). The schizophrenia got worse, I cut my work hours back to <20 hours per week after a short stretch of living in Washington state.

It Continues (Currently) on Vancouver Island, BC

Undergoing a late-20s crisis, I end my retail career and move in with my sister to Campbell River with the intention of starting fresh. I begin to make large strides toward effectively managing my schizophrenia. I enroll, excel, and graduate in the Interactive Media program at North Island College in Comox Valley, which is where I now live, work, and play. Video games have been replaced with a code editor and the Adobe creative suite, but my obsession with being in front of the computer persists. I feel like I'm finally starting to grow up and mature at the ripe age of 30something. Hey, better late than never!