Ian's Productivity:

Starting April 14th, 2019

As entrepreneurs, we don't have a boss to encourage us or tell us we've done a good job. This burden lies on ourselves. This can be a difficult undertaking, because humans' biggest critics are themselves. I am really hard on myself sometimes. Data, however, is blind to my self-criticisms. By tracking my accomplishments, I can objectively prove to myself that I am making forward momentum.

Task Meter

This is where I track the completion of my tasks and goals on a week-to-week basis. Task's values are multiplied by their significance (using somewhat arbitrary numbers), increasing their value on the chart: Major tasks (×3), regular tasks (×1), recurring tasks (×1), minor tasks (÷2), delayed tasks (×-1), and cancelled tasks (×-1). I do not track life goals on these charts because their inherent value cannot be accurately measured. Even if they were measured, the events would distort the data.

Lastly, there's "distraction tasks," things that I get done that feel like I'm accomplishing things, but may actually be distracting me from my more tangible goals. The way I calculate this is taking the tasks I wanted to accomplish but didn't because of distractions and counting them with a weight of -3.

Last entry date: 2019-08-11

Task Meter (Aggregated)