Ian's Miscellaneous Projects:

An assortment of projects I did for fun.


Back when I first started freelancing, I was scheduling meetings with prospective clients a lot. I obviously couldn't afford a secretary – nor could I afford something as inexpensive as an online booking app service. Even if I did pay for one of these services, I couldn't find one that gave me both my own domain AND the ability to style the page according to my branding. So, I decided to make my own booking app!

Click here to visit the white label booking service, Freespiriter.

Starflies Rick

In the summer of 2017 I was at the beginning stages of being completely burned out by Stridr. I needed a break, I needed to exercise the other half of my brain. This page was the result of that.

Click here to visit the "Starflies Rick" page.

Typography Basics

My second ever graphic design project involved creating a fictional poster for The Cooper Union's annual typography conference. I decided I wanted my poster to have a QR code. This page is where the QR code goes to; a website about the basics of typography. The website's designs are centered entirely around the poster.

Click here to see the Typographics Now poster.

Click here to visit the Type Basics website.

Ilya Treleaven

Ilya Treleaven is a Vancouver Island illustrator and concept artist. We met eachother when I was taking a drawing class as an elective in my last year at North Island College. I loved his work and offered to create a web presence.

Click here to see the Typographics Now poster.

Click here to visit the page I made for him.