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Documenting the life of a schizophrenic entrepreneur

The Modern Cigarette

Today, I'm sitting outside of a cafe on a breezy summer afternoon. I just had a long day of coding and my brain feels completely fried from maintaining a long stream of conditional logic in my brain for hours at a time. I'm dressed in a sleek, but casual long-sleeve black shirt with the sleev...

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Becoming A Book Reader at the Age of 32

It was the year 1998. I was in middle school in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One of the requirements at this school for all students was to read a book during set periods throughout the school year. At this time, my schizophrenia was in its early stages, and the negative symptoms were taking over my...

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Regarding My Social Media Departure

I started writing a long post about why I did this, but I realized it's the same drivel that you've read everywhere else. So, instead, I'll just drop some bullet points. Why? I was spending as much time on social media as I was work – if not more. I've been...

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Today I Learned: About Simbi

I recently signed up to a new(ish) platform called Simbi. What is Simbi? As far as I've gathered from my two days of use, it's a place for people to trade their valuable time doing something they love, in return for others doing the same. Ac...

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