Ian's Blog:

A few notes about my projects and things I've learned.

Introducing: Curious Markings

Curious Markings Co. is an ongoing project by me (Ian McKenzie) that attempts to share my schizophrenic symptoms in an artistic, entertaining, and (hopefully) informative way. Curious Markings is all about a strange, unknown language that I hear as auditory hallucinations. This language takes ...

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Stridr: A Post-Mortem

Stridr is a project that I worked on between July 2016 and Dec. 2017. It was a social media aggregator that put all of your feeds in one place and suggested interesting new things based on what you already like. In the beginning... In July 2015, I began daydreaming about ...

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Post mortem

Today I Learned: About Simbi

I recently signed up to a new(ish) platform called Simbi. What is Simbi? As far as I've gathered from my two days of use, it's a place for people to trade their valuable time doing something they love, in return for others doing the same. Ac...

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How to Survive as a Small-time Tech Entrepreneur

Working as an entrepreneur in any industry can be a monstrous life-sucker. As entrepreneurs, it can consume our lives and severely damage our relationships with our friends and family. I am a little over a year into this journey, and I can already see the effects of work-life taking over. I ha...

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Stridr Now on Maintenance Mode

Hello friends and family, As you all know, I've been hard at work since July 2016 seeing Stridr come to fruition. While I will continue my efforts, I am pausing any money being put to...

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Stridr is a web application;

it collects everything you like on social media, and puts them in one place. You can see your friends' interests, get suggestions, & more. The idea for Stridr came from signing up to major platforms for t...

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