The Project:

Social media for social good.

These are projects I created at some point for fun. I have a tendency to write code with the intent of some kind of social good. This is where I link those projects.

Social Sage

Social Sage is a question and answer website where the questions are curated to create a narrative of asking questions for the betterment of humankind. Anyone can answer a question, and the best answers are ranked first. The best 3 questions are featured on the main page. Overly negative answers (i.e. the ones that get reported frequently enough) will be removed.

Click here to visit Social Sage.

Give Forward

The thing I love about video games is you are compelled to run around the worlds and help everyone you encounter in some way. I thought it would be fun to make the world a little bit more like a video game, one where you get points (karma) for helping people – a platform where you and others can acknowledge the nice things people do for you.

Click here to visit Give Forward.