Hi. I'm Ian McKenzie,

an aspiring mad wizard, gathering knowledge to make the world a little more magical.

This site is my little corner of the internet. A place to upload what I please, share words that 1 or 2 people might find useful, and to show off the things I'm working on. Topics on this website are most often related to art, design, entrepreneurship, marketing, software development, and schizophrenia. As my skills and interests grow, so will the amount of topics. If you'd like to chat for some reason, tap your contact method of choice in the footer.

Here's what I'm actively working on...

Logo for the Interactive Media program at North Island College
Back-end Development & Dev Ops
Logo for the Curious Markings Co.
Full Stack Dev, Mobile App Dev, Art, Design, Marketing & Social Management
Logo for the House of Bob Gaming Club
Full Stack Dev, Design, & Non-profit Management

By day, I help my neighbors down the hall from my office, Matt Morrison and his team, on Ascend Sites – a website platform for churches. By night, I work on Curious Markings, a collection of writing, gaming, and experiments based on hallucinations from my schizophrenia. On the weekends and when there's demand, I work on the website and integrations for the House of Bob Gaming Club, a group of chaps podcasting and creating in the field of pen & paper and board games.

Latest posts...

How I Manage Moments of Panic

There are times when there are very real moments that are of slight concern that my brain blows completely out of proportion. There are also times where a delusion of mine completely spirals out of control, and I have what I can only assume to be some kind of mild panic attack. For context, I'...

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Learning To Say No To Myself

Even before I graduated college, I had begun repeating the following words to myself on a regular basis: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." I was beginning to learn that my immensely useful graphic design and software development skills could be ...

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Regarding My Social Media Departure

I started writing a long post about why I did this, but I realized it's the same drivel that you've read everywhere else. So, instead, I'll just drop some bullet points. Why? I was spending as much time on social media as I was work – if not more. I've been...

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Why Your Follow Bot Sucks

As someone who frequents Instagram as a way to grow my business, I often encounter Instagram accounts that comment on my posts with generic comments that could apply to almost any post anyone could ever make, they follow the comment with liking my post and following me. This happens 3-10 times...

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