Hi. I'm Ian McKenzie,

a schizophrenic entrepreneur sharing my quest for success.

I am a coding addict, graphic design nerd, social media experimenter, hobbyist writer, aspiring salesperson, self-taught marketer, and most of all, a schizophrenic entrepreneur. This website is my little corner of the internet where I blog about my life as an entrepreneur, schizophrenic, ongoing learner, and multipotentialite. New posts every Sunday.

Background image: Curious Markings

Here's what I'm actively working on...

Logo for the Objektiv Digital digital agency
Sales, Marketing, & Project Management
Logo for the Curious Markings Co.
Full Stack Dev, Mobile App Dev, Art, Design, & Social Management
Logo for the House of Bob Gaming Club
Full Stack Dev, Design, & Non-profit Management

By day, I assist fellow entrepreneurs in growing their business by helping them adapt to the increasingly digital world via Objektiv Digital. By night, I work on Curious Markings, a collection of writing, gaming, and experiments based on hallucinations from my schizophrenia. On the weekends and when there's demand, I work on the website and integrations for the House of Bob Gaming Club, a group of chaps podcasting and creating in the field of pen & paper and board games.

If you're interested in learning about me and my studio, you can read about my story, my studio, view my art, see some projects I did for fun and for social good. A while back, I quit social media but missed sharing my pointless thoughts. You can find those at my shout hole. If you're an Ian McKenzie superfan (Hi, mom!), check out my shop for some swag. Everything else is in the navigation. Happy browsing!

Latest posts...

Admit Your Mistake(s) Before It's Too Late

I'd like to flip an old saying on its head and say: Better to open your mouth and admit your foolishness than to stay silent and prove you're a fool. Okay, maybe it doesn't quite line up, but you get the idea. This recognition I'm about to share has helped me both in my schizophrenia managemen...

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Being Fashionable is Not Narcissistic

For a long time, I would have disagreed with the above title. I didn't think very highly of people who obsessed over how they look. Worse yet, I didn't think very highly of people who paid even a fraction of attention to how they looked. I thought it was a trivial, narcissistic endeavor that i...

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My Social Media Departure: Six Months Later

What started as my decision to leave Facebook eventually led to deleting all of my social media accounts, outside of the ones I use for business. There's undoubtedly a myriad of surface-level reasons that I left, but the biggest reason wasn't because of toxicity, superficiality, repetitive mea...

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The Modern Cigarette

Today, I'm sitting outside of a cafe on a breezy summer afternoon. I just had a long day of coding and my brain feels completely fried from maintaining a long stream of conditional logic in my brain for hours at a time. I'm dressed in a sleek, but casual long-sleeve black shirt with the sleev...

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