Hi. I'm Ian McKenzie,

full stack web & mobile developer, entrepreneur, and design enthusiast.

I am currently working on Curious Markings, a project that shares my psychotic symptoms from my schizophrenia and the insights I've learned from managing them.

If you're an Android user, sign up now, and you will be invited to the early access beta when it's available.

I like to make cool stuff. Do you?

As present, I am a software developer for in downtown Courtenay, BC, Canada where I'm working on Ruby on Rails projects with the occasional dabbling in WordPress.

I went to North Island College where I graduated with honours, did regular volunteering, helped create a student group for Interactive Media students, won the NIC Foundation's and contributed to the re-design of the Interactive Media program's website.

Due to my technical and design background with a focus on entrepreneurship, I've been able to become a well-rounded jack-of-all-trades that can solve a plethora of digital challenges a business or startup faces. If you have problems I can help you solve, I'd love to hear from you.