Hi. I'm Ian McKenzie,

full stack web developer, social media junkie, and graphic design enthusiast.

I've been hearing voices. They speak through me. I've been seeing markings. They look like an alien language. Sometimes when I hold a pen, it's as if something ... or someone is controlling me. I'm working to unravel what this all means. Will you join me when the time comes?

I like to make cool stuff. Do you?

At present, I am a software developer for in downtown Courtenay where I'm working on Ruby on Rails projects with the occasional dabbling in WordPress.

In the past, I built , a web app that looks at everything you like on social media and suggests more cool stuff; cross-platform, all in one place.

In my free time, I like to code my own , , and try to think of ways to combine those things in an interesting way.

Most of my coding experience is on Stridr and other private repositories, but feel free to take a look at my for other projects I've worked on. For design, I keep my profile active. Below are major projects that I worked on during my studies at North Island College.

Logo for stridr.social web app
Full Stack Development, Design, & Business Management (case study)
Logo for the Interactive Media program at North Island College
Front End Development & Content Strategy
Logo for the Social Sage web app
Full Stack Development & Graphic/UI/UX Design