Hi. I'm Ian McKenzie,

full stack web developer, social media junkie, and graphic design enthusiast.

I'm actively developing Stridr, a web app that looks at everything you like on social media and suggests more cool stuff; cross-platform, all in one place.

I am also collaborating with people making great things happen in the Comox Valley, including Lift Comox Valley and the Interactive Media program at North Island College.

I get things done fast, and I learn even faster. If you require graphic design, social media, front end, or back end solutions for your needs, feel free to contact me to see if our timeframes and goals line up.

Logo for stridr.social web app
Back End Development & Business Management
Logo for the Interactive Media program at North Island College
Front End Development & Content Strategy
Logo for the Social Sage web app
Full Stack Development & Graphic/UI/UX Design

I like to make cool stuff. Do you?